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UPGM-203 used in Laminated busbar

February 2, 2021

Latest company case about UPGM-203 used in Laminated busbar

The laminated busbar is also called the composite busbar,it provides a modern, easy design, quick assemble and clear structured distribution system.It has high power modularized connected structural parts with the characteristics of repeatable electrical performance, low impedance, anti-interference, good reliability, space saving , simple and quick assembly.Composite bus is widely used in electric and hybrid traction, electric traction equipments, cellular communication, base station, telephone switching system, large network equipment, large and medium-sized computers, power switch system, welding system, military equipments, power generation system,power conversion module for electrical equipment etc. The requirements for insulating materials are smooth and fine on surface, high planeness , arc resistance and high breakdown voltage etc.

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