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UL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components

UL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components

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    glass lamination sheet


    glass reinforced polyester sheet

  • IEC Standard
  • German Standard
  • Flame Resistance
  • PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI
    ≥600 V
  • Toxicant(Emission Halogen Etc.)
  • The Anti Microbial Properties Of Bacteria
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    UL(E344098)/RoHS 2.0 /Reach/SGS
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UL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components

UL Certification GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet / UL Certification upgm203

Product Introduction:
UL Certification GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet or related products are consists of non-alkali glass mat impregnated and boned with an unsaturated polyester resin ,and laminated under high temperature and press
It has good machinability,high mechanical strength,good dielectric properties,excellent proof tracking resistance and arc resistance.
it is applicable for making insulation structure components or parts in F-class electric motors,transformer,switchgear,circuit breakers and electrical equipments. UPGM can be moulded into all kinds of structure parts or profiles as per customer's special requirement.
Thickness range :2mm-60mm
Sheet Size:1000mm*1200mm
Main Color:Red,White ,Brown,Yellow or GrayUL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components 0

Hong Cheng GradeHC-GPO3
IEC 893 / EN 60893 GradeUP GM 203
DIN 7735 GradeHM 2471
ItemsTest MethodUnitTypical Values
Physical PropertiesColorVisual inspection----Red/White/Brown/Grey
Specific GravityIEC 60893-2:2003g/cm31.95-2.05
Water absorptionISO62:2008%≤0.5
Mechanical propertiesTensile StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003Mpa≥130
Compressive strengthIEC 60893-2:2003≥300
Flexural StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003≥180
Impact strengthIEC 60893-2:2003KJ/m2≥60
Electrical propertiesVolume ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω·m≥ 1.0 x 1010
Surface ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω≥ 1.0 x 1012
Electric Strength ┴IEC 60893-2:2003kV/mm≥ 12
Breakdown Voltage //IEC 60893-2:2003kV/25mm≥ 80
Arc ResistanceIEC 61621:1997sec≥180
PTI Proof Tracking Index PTIIEC 60893-2:2003---≥600
Dielectric ConstantIEC 60893-2:2003---4.0-5.0
tgδ Dissipation FactorIEC 60893-2:2003---≤0.03
Thermal propertiesCoefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTME 228-111/K≤2x10-5
Temperature IndexIEC 60085:2004155
Flame Resistance performanceOxygen IndexISO 4589-2:1996%O2≥ 30
Flame ResistanceIEC 60893-2:2003---V-0
Toxicant(Emission halogen etc.)E662---Low
Other propertiesThe anti microbial properties of bacteriaG21-G22---good


 UL Certification GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet used in UPS
UL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components 1

materials:UL Certification GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet
Description:UPS is the uninterrupted power supply which is connected to the host by the battery ,converts the direct current into the system equipment of the AC by module circuit of the main engine inverter. When the market input is normal,UPS supplies the AC to the load after voltage stabilization .At this time, UPS is an AC voltage regulator, and it also charges the battery inside the machine;
When mains supply interruption (power outage), UPS use the battery's direct current energy to continue supply 220V alternating current to the load immediately through the inverter switching conversion method ,it makes the load keep working and protect the software and hardware from being damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against voltage too high or too low .The flame retardant requirement for insulating materials is V0, high strength and temperature resistance , The commonly materials used in UPS is HC-GPO3
UPS are divided into:prepared UPS ,Online UPS,On line interactive UPS,The working principle of UPS is use the AC to charge the battery.than use the battery to supply the power for inverter cabinet,in order to supply power automaticly when the AC fails.
GPO-3 sheet,PC are mainly used as Protective cover sheet , the structures plate,battery box which will improve the safety and durability of UPS.
Main famous cooperative enterprises:Kehua Group(China) Co.,Ltd,East Group Co.,Ltd,Emerson electric(China) Co.,Ltd,Schneider(APC)

Our company is located in Xiang’an manufacture base of Xiamen Special Economic Zone.It is a national hi-tech enterprise with the ability to R&D,production,sale and further processing,we has became the solver of electric insulation technology project .We have more than one hundred machines including CNC and Digital controlled lathe.every kinds of Bending machine,Punching machine,have establish the completely production chain of design and precision further processing .We are the only modernization company in the country which is totally operated by Numerical control in respect of material production and the process for non-metallic insulating spare parts.All of the products have gained the UL certification of the USA,The French national standard certification,CEMT,RoHS,Reach and many national& international authoritative organization certification.
UL Certification GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet For Making Insulation Structure Components 2