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Flame retardant Good electrical performance GPO3 laminated sheet

Flame retardant Good electrical performance GPO3 laminated sheet

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    Flame retardant GPO3 laminated sheet


    Flame retardant GPO3 sheet

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Flame retardant Good electrical performance GPO3 laminated sheet

Product Introduction:


GPO (glass polyester) laminates offer a superior combination of electrical and mechanical properties such as dielectric strength, flame resistance, arc and track resistance, high-flexural strength and high-impact strength.


These sheets are fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester.They will not melt under heat and have excellent overall electrical properties. All grades are UL® recognized.


Our laminates also have superior consistency in thickness, punchability and property control. Add a high degree of quality and cost-ffectiveness.


Feature of GPO-3 material:


Electrical Insulation

All plastic Composites electrical insulating laminates have inherently good dielectrics. They are engineered to maximize the specific properties required for a wide range of electrical applications.


Flame Resistance

Leadwin plastic Composites laminates are UL-rated V-0. They belongs to halogen-free system that generates very low smoke and smoke toxicity in a fire situation.



Mechanical Strength

Our high-impact fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminates won’t shatter and provide structural support as they insulate. Flexible laminates are available for applications that require a minimum bend radius of 0.75" diameter at 1/32" thickness.


Heat Resistance

Leadwin plastic Composites laminates offer excellent property retention and dimensional stability at elevated

temperatures. These laminates have UL temperature index ratings from 120℃to 180℃ electrical, and from 130℃ to 180℃mechanical.


Ease of Fabrication

These materials are easily fabricated with standard metalworking equipment. They can be punched, drilled, machined, sheared and sanded. It is well known for its ease of fabrication in high-speed machining centers. The laminates punches cleanly and quickly.


Cost Effectiveness

In addition to significant property benefits, these laminates offer cost effectiveness over most high-pressure laminates. They outperform the phenolic grades and can often replace the more exotic epoxies and silicones at a considerable cost savings.


Application of product:


Electrical Insulation: GPO3 has good electrical property under high humidity and high mechanical property under medium temperature, fire retardant property, good arc resistance and tracking resistance.

Mechanical Strength: It can be machined, punched, drilled, milled, sawn, sanded, sheared or routed. Assembly by bonding, metal screws or rivets are also possible.

It is widely used in the low voltage electrical industry in the European and American countries.

1. frame breaker

2. safety plate

3. partition

4. arcing plate

5. slot wedge, shifting cover spacer ,gasket

6. motor

7. switch cabinet

8. pull rod


Flame retardant Good electrical performance GPO3 laminated sheet 0