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High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet

High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet

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    Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet


    High Voltage Insulation UPGM203 Sheet

  • Arc Resistance
    184 Second
  • CTI
  • Break Down Voltage
  • Fire Resistance
    UL 94-V0
  • Thickness
  • Water Absorption
    Less Than 0.05%
  • Place of Origin
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    3-4 USD
  • Packaging Details
    carton and pallet
  • Delivery Time
    3-5 DAYS
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    3600 TONS PER YEAR

High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet

High voltage and low temperature insulation resistance sheet of UPGM203


UPGM203 is also called GPO-3 sheet , it was composited by unsaturated polyester , glass fiber mat and aluminium hydroxide material . It has very nice excellent insulation properties and low temperature resistance performance , more and more electrical equipment products use this material. According to test organization from the third party , the break down voltage can meet 14.3KV/MM , that is means smaller thickness sheet can bear higher voltage , it will decrease thickness , weight and volume for the whole electrical , so the production cost will be saved .

For the temperature resistance , as we know that it is very cold in area of circumpolar latitude or high altitude. The strength of material will reduce if the temperature is low , but our UPGM203 has passed the test by -270℃.

In China , the rail way of Qinghai-Tibet has already have transportation service , as we know the area of Qinghai-Tibet is circumpolar latitude and very low temperature in winter . However , our GPO-3 material has already used in this line and has already running for many years .

High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet 0

What is feature of this material ?

NO.1 It can be used in high altitude and low temperature area .

NO.2 It has properties on insulation strength , the break down voltage can meet 14.3KV/MM

NO.3 It has property on corrosion resistance

NO.4 High strength for bending , tensile properties while running in 155℃ .

NO.5 Very nice tensile properties , tensile strength can meet 162MPa ;

NO.6 Excellent Vertical Compression Strength , the test value is more than 490MPA

NO. 7 Very nice electrical property , the arc resistance reach 180 seconds .

NO.8 Very low water absorption , it means better insulation strength when running in humid environment.

Hong Cheng Grade HC-GPO3
IEC 893 / EN 60893 Grade UP GM 203
DIN 7735 Grade HM 2471
Items Test Method Unit Typical Values
Physical Properties Color Visual inspection ---- Red/White/Brown/Grey
Specific Gravity IEC 60893-2:2003 g/cm3 1.95-2.05
Water absorption ISO62:2008 % ≤0.5
Mechanical properties Tensile Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 Mpa ≥130
Compressive strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥300
Flexural Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥180
Impact strength IEC 60893-2:2003 KJ/m2 ≥60
Electrical properties Volume Resistivity IEC 60093:1980 Ω·m ≥ 1.0 x 1010
Surface Resistivity IEC 60093:1980 Ω ≥ 1.0 x 1012
Electric Strength ┴ IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/mm ≥ 12
Breakdown Voltage // IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/25mm ≥ 80
Arc Resistance IEC 61621:1997 sec ≥180
PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI IEC 60893-2:2003 --- ≥600
Dielectric Constant IEC 60893-2:2003 --- 4.0-5.0
tgδ Dissipation Factor IEC 60893-2:2003 --- ≤0.03
Thermal properties Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTME 228-11 1/K ≤2x10-5
Temperature Index IEC 60085:2004 155
Flame Resistance performance Oxygen Index ISO 4589-2:1996 %O2 ≥ 30
Flame Resistance IEC 60893-2:2003 --- V-0
Toxicant(Emission halogen etc.) E662 ---



Other properties The anti microbial properties of bacteria G21-G22



What is application of UPGM203 ?

UPGM203 is widely used in every industry , such as environmental protection, photovoltaic power generation, wind energy, rail transportation, power transmission and distribution, motor etc.

It has been used as insulating structural parts for products of above industries .

such as :

It can be used extensively in low & middle voltage electrical equipments as insulating structures such as circuit breaker, switchgear, transformer, DC motor, AC contactor,converter,inverter & explosion proof apparatus etc. ; automotive industry field etc. In electrical Apparatus: making of phase & end barriers, contact terminal supports, terminal plate, insulating supports, bus bar supports and mounting panels in switchgear; arcchute plate, arc extinguishing cover & cylinder in circuit breaker and signal panels in other types of electrical apparatus; and electric melting furnace insulations. In electrical motor: making of armature parts, cover plate,slot wedge, stator, gasket,shims,carbon brush etc.

High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet 1

High Voltage And Low Temperature Insulation UPGM203 Sheet 2