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Switch Cabinet Customization Mould Product With High Flexural Strength

Switch Cabinet Customization Mould Product With High Flexural Strength

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    bmc mould parts


    dmc mould parts

  • Product Name
    High Flexural Strength Mould Parts
  • Product Color
  • Mould Life
    500 Thousand-1 Million
  • Shipment
    By Sea,air Or Express
  • Molding Shrinkage
  • Tensile Strength
  • Place of Origin
    Xiamen of China
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    DMC / BMC / SMC
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 thousand
  • Packaging Details
    plywood crate packing,plywood pallet,cartons
  • Delivery Time
    25-35 working days
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Switch Cabinet Customization Mould Product With High Flexural Strength

High Flexural Strength Mould parts / Customization BMC / DMC mould parts with high strength

Product Name:High Temperature of deflection Mould parts

Product Description:

SMC/DMC/BMC molded partsis made of glass fibre which is Immersion in unsaturated polyester and Vinyl resin,It is a thermosetting material which is made by heat pressing.

Product Advantages:
1. Compared to similar methods, SMC benefits from a very high volume production ability, excellent part reproducibility, it is cost effective as low labor requirements per production level is very good and industry scrap is reduced substantially.
2. Weight reduction, due to lower dimensional requirements and because of the ability to consolidate many parts into one, is also advantageous.
3. The level of flexibility also exceeds many counterpart processes.Switch Cabinet Customization Mould Product With High Flexural Strength 0

Hong Cheng Grade HC-DMC/BMC
Item Test method Unit Values
Physical Properties Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.80 - 1.95
Water absorption ASTM D570 % ≤0.3
Molding shrinkage ASTM D955 % ≤0.1
Temperature of deflection under load ASTM D648 ≥240
Mechanical Properties Izod impact strength(notched) ASTM D256 Jcm ≥7.8
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 MPa ≥160
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 MPa ≥60
Compressive Strength ASTM D695 MPa ≥100
Electrical Properties Electric strength ( in transformer oil 90℃) ASTM D149 MV/m ≥13
Arc resistance ASTM D495 s ≥180
Flammability Flammability UL94 class V-0


High Flexural Strength Mould parts  used in  Switch cabinet

Switch Cabinet Customization Mould Product With High Flexural Strength 1

Switch cabinet is an electrical device , the exterior lines of switch cabinet enter in main control switch in the cabinet first, then enter the control switch, each branch is set according to its need.The main function of the switch cabinet is make the opening&closing ,control&protect electric equipment in the process of power generation, power transmission, distribution and power conversion.The components in the switch cabinet consist of circuit breaker, isolating switch, load switch, operating mechanism, transformer and protective device of insulation component.The insulation components in switch cabinet are supporting, bearing and isolating ,so the insulation materials are required to be: higher electrical strength, higher mechanical strength, stronger arc resistance and so on. The commonly materials used in switch cabinet are UPGM203 laminated sheet
Our products are mainly used as making of phase & end barriers,contact terminal support,terminal plate,insulating supports,bus bar supports and mounting panels.
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