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Unsaturated Polyester Laminate Red Upgm 203 Sheet High Tensile Strength

Unsaturated Polyester Laminate Red Upgm 203 Sheet High Tensile Strength

  • High Light

    high pressure laminate sheet


    red fiberglass sheet

  • German Standard
  • Flame Resistance
  • PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI
    ≥600 V
  • Toxicant(Emission Halogen Etc.)
  • Electric Strength ┴
    ≥ 12kV/mm
  • Breakdown Voltage //
    ≥ 80kV/25mm
  • Arc Resistance
  • Proof Tracking Index PTI
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    UL(E344098)/RoHS 2.0 /Reach/SGS/EN45545
  • Model Number
    UPGM203 / GPO3
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    20 pieces per shipment
  • Price
    USD 3.5-6 per kg
  • Packaging Details
    cartons,plywood pallet;crate packing
  • Delivery Time
    3-5 work days
  • Payment Terms

Unsaturated Polyester Laminate Red Upgm 203 Sheet High Tensile Strength

Unsaturated Polyester UPGM 203 fiberglass sheet,High tensile strength and flexural strength UPGM203 sheet

Product Introduction:

Unsaturated Polyester UPGM 203 fiberglass sheet are consists of non-alkali glass mat impregnated and boned with an unsaturated polyester resin ,and laminated under high temperature and press,GPO3 sheet offer a superior combination of electrical and mechanical properties such as dielect ric strength ,flame resistance,arc and track resistance,high-flexural and high-impact strength.



Good electrical performance,under high temperature,good performance for anti leakage of electronic


Arc-resistance could reach more than 180℃


Flame retardant grade could reach UL94 V-0 termal endurance class could reach Fgrade(more than 160℃)


It is the advance  retardance, anti impact,and anti corrosion materail in recent years



Insulating parts of electronic equipments


All kinds of plate ,mat,arcing shield,flash barrier and other similiar sheets and distributed parts


Relays and Switches


High frequency electronic equipments


Electrical Cabinet


Processing Advantages:


Unsaturated Polyester Laminate Red Upgm 203 Sheet High Tensile Strength 0


Processing Advantages:

1.  Proficient in advanced programming software, such as: Mcam9.1, UG software programming , to meet the requirements of machining on complex surface;

2. We have a senior R&D engineers team and the team have the ability in designing the fixture independently to meet production requirements of high quality , high yield and lower cost.

3.  To meet the customers’ requirements , company owned dozens of high-precision CNC equipments to short the delivery time .

4.  The company have dozens of No.850&No.650 CNC machining center (with tool storage) , these machines can be used to complete multistep processes of complex parts at one-time.

5.  The company owned several Large gantry CNC machines in 1000*1200mm , large panel parts can be completed at one-time by high-precision processing and avoid deviation from machining.

Unsaturated Polyester UPGM 203 used in Electrical Cabinet

Unsaturated Polyester Laminate Red Upgm 203 Sheet High Tensile Strength 1

Switch cabinet is an electrical device , the exterior lines of switch cabinet enter in main control switch in the cabinet first, then enter the control switch, each branch is set according to its need.The main function of the switch cabinet is make the opening&closing ,control&protect electric equipment in the process of power generation, power transmission, distribution and power conversion.The components in the switch cabinet consist of circuit breaker, isolating switch, load switch, operating mechanism, transformer and protective device of insulation component.The insulation components in switch cabinet are supporting, bearing and isolating ,so the insulation materials are required to be: higher electrical strength, higher mechanical strength, stronger arc resistance and so on. The commonly materials used in switch cabinet are UPGM203 laminated sheet
Our products are mainly used as making of phase & end barriers,contact terminal support,terminal plate,insulating supports,bus bar supports and mounting panels.
Main famous cooperative enterprises: ABB,Henan Pinggao Electric Co.,Ltd,TBEA Co.,Ltd,XJ ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd,Daqo Group Co.,Ltd.

Packing detail:plywood crate packing;plywood pallet;plastic pallet;Exports standard cartons for products
delivery detail: 5-7 working days