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GPO -3 Polyester Resin Sheet With RoHs UL And Reach Certified For Transformer

GPO -3 Polyester Resin Sheet With RoHs UL And Reach Certified For Transformer

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    polyester resin plate


    gpo3 fiberglass sheet

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    UL(E344098)/RoHS 2.0 /Reach/SGS
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GPO -3 Polyester Resin Sheet With RoHs UL And Reach Certified For Transformer

GPO-3 corner bone with RoHs UL and Reach certified used in transformer

Product Introduction:
Corner bone was made of fiberglass and polyester resin , fiberglass was impregnated in polyester resin ( added some filler materials in polyester resin) , and then pultrusion under high temperature and pressure .It is the glass reinforced thermoset polyester material.
It was produced by mould and pultrusion .we have so many sizes of options by clients , such as 8*8/10*10/12*12/16*16mm and the length can be customized by clients , it will be very convenience for making parts of clients .
Corner bone with very excellent properties on Electric/ mechanical properties, it is very strong, dimensionally stable and impact resistant of mechanical properties .No cracking when assemble in electric equipment. Meanwhile ,it has so many advantages on properties , such as good properties on flame, arc and track resistance etc.
The material has certified by ROHS/REACH for meeting environmental requirements .
To meet the requirement for exporting to Europe and North America , the produce has certificated by UL.
At present ,this materials has been exporting to so many transformers manufacturers in Asia and Europe.
It is the environmental protection material , very little effect to the environmental when running
It is halogen free product and green products , meet ROHS and Reach requirement and no effect to the human bodies .
It can be customized produce as per client’s drawings .
Very stable of the strength such as tensile&bending when running on high or low temperatures , no cracking .
It is the fire resistance material and low smoke material .
Corner bone produced by polyester resin and glass fiber is widely used in area of transformers .
It was made from Glass fiber coated polyester resin was special for the transformer , reactor , large dry type transformers and etc., researching and development of the application characteristics of airway stay pultrusion products . With the advantage in the process of foil or wire wound around the stability of bracing structure and non-cracking .
with the Environmental protection concept enjoy popular support , more and more electric equipment manufacturers will be choosing green products to produce the electric product , ROHS/REACH certified material meet this requirement .
GPO -3 Polyester Resin Sheet With RoHs UL And Reach Certified For Transformer 0

Hong Cheng GradeHC-GPO3
IEC 893 / EN 60893 GradeUP GM 203
DIN 7735 GradeHM 2471
ItemsTest MethodUnitTypical Values
Physical PropertiesColorVisual inspection----Red/White/Brown/Grey
Specific GravityIEC 60893-2:2003g/cm31.95-2.05
Water absorptionISO62:2008%≤0.5
Mechanical propertiesTensile StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003Mpa≥130
Compressive strengthIEC 60893-2:2003≥300
Flexural StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003≥180
Impact strengthIEC 60893-2:2003KJ/m2≥60
Electrical propertiesVolume ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω·m≥ 1.0 x 1010
Surface ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω≥ 1.0 x 1012
Electric Strength ┴IEC 60893-2:2003kV/mm≥ 12
Breakdown Voltage //IEC 60893-2:2003kV/25mm≥ 80
Arc ResistanceIEC 61621:1997sec≥180
PTI Proof Tracking Index PTIIEC 60893-2:2003---≥600
Dielectric ConstantIEC 60893-2:2003---4.0-5.0
tgδ Dissipation FactorIEC 60893-2:2003---≤0.03
Thermal propertiesCoefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTME 228-111/K≤2x10-5
Temperature IndexIEC 60085:2004155
Flame Resistance performanceOxygen IndexISO 4589-2:1996%O2≥ 30
Flame ResistanceIEC 60893-2:2003---V-0
Toxicant(Emission halogen etc.)E662---Low
Other propertiesThe anti microbial properties of bacteriaG21-G22---good


Hologen free GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet used in rail traffic
GPO -3 Polyester Resin Sheet With RoHs UL And Reach Certified For Transformer 1
Pultrusion products named corner bone is widely used in transformer .
It has very good properties when working temperature below zero degree centigrade,we have the clients who was running projects in Qinghai-Tibet Railway , the temperature will below -55℃ in winter .However , the material will keep the excellent electric and mechanical properties in this extreme temperatures .
These properties were tested by the third party which is one of the most famous Accredited Testing Organization in China.
This material can be machined parts such as drill the holes by CNC machines . In addition ,the material with the excellent electric properties , especially excellent anti Comparative Tracking .As we known , voltaic arc caused carbonization on surface of material , and the carbonization will affect to the insulating property , this material will reach more than 180 seconds of arc voltaic.

Our company is located in Xiang’an manufacture base of Xiamen Special Economic Zone.It is a national hi-tech enterprise with the ability to R&D,production,sale and further processing,we has became the solver of electric insulation technology project .We have more than one hundred machines including CNC and Digital controlled lathe.every kinds of Bending machine,Punching machine,have establish the completely production chain of design and precision further processing .We are the only modernization company in the country which is totally operated by Numerical control in respect of material production and the process for non-metallic insulating spare parts.All of the products have gained the UL certification of the USA,The French national standard certification,CEMT,RoHS,Reach and many national& international authoritative organization certification.