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Red GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet Applied Transformer Top - Cover And Bottom Cover

Payment Terms : T/T
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Hongcheng
Certification: UL(E344098)/RoHS 2.0 /Reach/SGS Model Number: GPO-3

Detail Information

IEC Standard: UPGM203 German Standard: HM2471
Flame Resistance: V-0 PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI: ≥600 V
Toxicant(Emission Halogen Etc.): Low The Anti Microbial Properties Of Bacteria: Good
High Light:

glass lamination sheet


glass reinforced polyester sheet

Product Description

GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet Specified for transformer's top-cover and bottom cover

Product Introduction:
GPO-3 sheet or related products are consists of non-alkali glass mat impregnated and boned with an unsaturated polyester resin ,and laminated under high temperature and press,GPO3 sheet offer a superior combination of electrical and mechanical properties such as dielect ric strength ,flame resistance,arc and track resistance,high-flexural and high-impact strength.
our laminates also have superior consistency in thickness, punchability and property control. Add a high degree of quality and cost-ffectiveness.
These sheets are fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester,They will not melt under heat and have excellent overall electrical properties .all grades are UL Recognized.
Electrical Insulation :All grades of GPO3 sheet have inherently good dielectrics. They are engineered to maximize the specific properties required for a wide range of electrical applications.
Flame Resistance :GPO3 sheet are UL-rated V-0. They belongs to halogen-free system that generates very low smoke and smoke toxicity in a fire situation.
Mechanical Strength :Our GPO3 sheet have stable mechanical strength wich won’t cracked when machining
Heat Resistance:Our GPO3 sheet have excellent property retention and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. These laminates have UL temperature index ratings over 150℃
GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet are widely used in high-voltage appliance insulators, bus bar supports, and barriers and mounting panels in switch gear, as well as other types of electrical applications.
Red GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet Applied Transformer Top - Cover And Bottom Cover 0

Product Advantages:

  1.  Beard to draft the country standard,have earned six patents
  2.  Excellent Arc Resistance(Arc Resistance≥180 S)
  3.  Excellent Track Resistance(CTI≥600V)
  4.  Excellent Heat Resistance(Class F)
  5.  Excellent Thermal Impact(Temp. Index: -273℃ to +155℃)
  6.  Excellent Fire Retardant(UL 94 V-0 Grade)
  7.  Excellent Mechanical Strength and Automatic Machining
  8.  Low Smoke,Halogen Free Products(NF-F16-101/102)
  9.  RoHS,Reach Certified products

Hong Cheng Grade HC-GPO3
IEC 893 / EN 60893 Grade UP GM 203
DIN 7735 Grade HM 2471
Items Test Method Unit Typical Values
Physical Properties Color Visual inspection ---- Red/White/Brown/Grey
Specific Gravity IEC 60893-2:2003 g/cm3 1.95-2.05
Water absorption ISO62:2008 % ≤0.5
Mechanical properties Tensile Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 Mpa ≥130
Compressive strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥300
Flexural Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥180
Impact strength IEC 60893-2:2003 KJ/m2 ≥60
Electrical properties Volume Resistivity IEC 60093:1980 Ω·m ≥ 1.0 x 1010
Surface Resistivity IEC 60093:1980 Ω ≥ 1.0 x 1012
Electric Strength ┴ IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/mm ≥ 12
Breakdown Voltage // IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/25mm ≥ 80
Arc Resistance IEC 61621:1997 sec ≥180
PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI IEC 60893-2:2003 --- ≥600
Dielectric Constant IEC 60893-2:2003 --- 4.0-5.0
tgδ Dissipation Factor IEC 60893-2:2003 --- ≤0.03
Thermal properties Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTME 228-11 1/K ≤2x10-5
Temperature Index IEC 60085:2004 155
Flame Resistance performance Oxygen Index ISO 4589-2:1996 %O2 ≥ 30
Flame Resistance IEC 60893-2:2003 --- V-0
Toxicant(Emission halogen etc.) E662 --- Low
Other properties The anti microbial properties of bacteria G21-G22 --- good


GPO-3 fiberglass Sheet Specified for transformer's top-cover and bottom cover
Red GPO3 Fiberglass Sheet Applied Transformer Top - Cover And Bottom Cover 1

products: Main transformer (rise), Auxiliary transformer (lower)
Description: Main transformer is a kind of total step-down transformer used in transformer station.its mainly function is to adjust the required level of power.
Auxiliary transformer is used as a device which powers the the transformer station.It can keep the lights on,executive the high and low switch.executive electric switching power for instrumentation and control system.Auxiliary transformer also supply power for city district and wild wellsit.
Main famous cooperative enterprises: Siemens,TBEA Co.,Ltd.


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