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HM 2471 UPGM203 GPO3 Fiberglass Insulation Machined Parts

HM 2471 UPGM203 GPO3 Fiberglass Insulation Machined Parts

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    UPGM203 Insulation Machined Parts


    HM 2471 Insulation Machined Parts


    GPO3 Fiberglass Machined Parts

  • Electric Strength
    ≥ 12kV/mm
  • Surface Resistivity
    ≥ 1.0 X 1012Ω
  • Breakdown Voltage
    ≥ 80kV/25mm
  • Arc Resistance
  • Proof Tracking Index PTI
  • Dissipation Factor
  • Place of Origin
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  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Crate packing;Plywood pallet;Cartons
  • Delivery Time
    1-3 work days
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HM 2471 UPGM203 GPO3 Fiberglass Insulation Machined Parts

UPGM203 Insulation machined part with high production volume high machining tolerance

Product Description:

Product Name:HC-GPO3
Product Name:HC-GPO3
IEC StandardUPGM203
NEMA StandardGPO-3
German StandardHM2471
Product Color:Red,White,Brown,Gray
Product Thickness:0.5mm-80.0mm
Product Size::1000*1200;1000*1300;1230*2100

HC-GPO3 Sheet(Red,White,Brown)Series is rigid laminated sheet made of heat pressing which composed of e-class glass-mat reinforced unsaturated polyester and inorganic filler binder.
Product Advantages:
Beard to draft the country standard,have earned six patents
Excellent Arc Resistance(Arc Resistance≥180 S)
Excellent Track Resistance(CTI≥600V)
Excellent Heat Resistance(Class F)
Excellent Thermal Impact(Temp. Index: -273℃ to +155℃)
Excellent Fire Retardant(UL 94 V-0 Grade)
Excellent Mechanical Strength and Automatic Machining
Low Smoke,Halogen Free Products(NF-F16-101/102)
RoHS,Reach Certified products
GPO-3 Glossy sheet has excellent mechanical strength and automatic processing .It can be used extensively in low & middle voltage electrical equipments as insulating structures such as circuit breaker, switchgear, transformer, DC motor, AC contactor,converter,inverter & explosionproof apparatus etc. ; automotive industry field etc. In electrical Apparatus: making of phase & end barriers, contact terminal supports, terminal plate, insulating supports, bus bar supports and mounting panels in switchgear; arcchute plate, arc extinguishing cover & cylinder in circuit breaker and signal panels in other types of electrical apparatus; and electric melting furnace insulations. In electrical motor: making of armature parts, cover plate,slot wedge, stator, gasket,shims,carbon brush etc.
HM 2471 UPGM203 GPO3 Fiberglass Insulation Machined Parts 0

Hong Cheng GradeHC-GPO3
IEC 893 / EN 60893 GradeUP GM 203
DIN 7735 GradeHM 2471
ItemsTest MethodUnitTypical Values
Physical PropertiesColorVisual inspection----Red/White/Brown/Grey
 Specific GravityIEC 60893-2:2003g/cm31.95-2.05
 Water absorptionISO62:2008%≤0.5
Mechanical propertiesTensile StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003Mpa≥130
 Compressive strengthIEC 60893-2:2003 ≥300
 Flexural StrengthIEC 60893-2:2003 ≥180
 Impact strengthIEC 60893-2:2003KJ/m2≥60





Electrical properties

Volume ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω·m≥ 1.0 x 1010
 Surface ResistivityIEC 60093:1980Ω≥ 1.0 x 1012
 Electric Strength ┴IEC 60893-2:2003kV/mm≥ 12
 Breakdown Voltage //IEC 60893-2:2003kV/25mm≥ 80
 Arc ResistanceIEC 61621:1997sec≥180
 Proof Tracking Index PTIIEC 60893-2:2003---≥600
 Dielectric ConstantIEC 60893-2:2003---4.0-5.0
 Dissipation FactorIEC 60893-2:2003---≤0.03
Thermal propertiesCoefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTME 228-111/K≤2x10-5
 Temperature IndexIEC 60085:2004155
Flame Resistance performanceOxygen IndexISO 4589-2:1996%O2≥ 30
 Flame ResistanceIEC 60893-2:2003---V-0
 Toxicant(Emission halogen etc.)E662---Low
Other propertiesThe anti microbial properties of bacteriaG21-G22---good

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The advantage of processing
1. Proficient in advanced programming software, such as: Mcam9.1, UG software programming, to meet the requirements of machining of complex surface;
2. We have a large number of senior engineers, and do the independent development of tooling and fixture to meet the production requirements of customers with high quality, high yield and low cost;
3. We have dozens of high precision CNC machining equipment, can satisfy the customer delivery requirements of shorter production;
4. We have 850 sets of CNC machining center (with a knife) mufti-step processing can complete complex parts;
5. We have many 1000*1200 large platform of Longmen CNC machining centers,can complete large panel parts with high precision production to avoid error caused by splicing processing processing.